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The Library of Literature and Journalism School

The library includes: paperback book storage, thread-bound book storage, base class storage, new book storage, periodicals storage, the newspaper storage, reading room, with a total area of 680 square meters.

The existing stock of books are more than 154,000 copies, of which ordinary Chinese books are more than 72,000 , thread-bound ancient books are more than 55,000, foreign language books are more than 500; there are more than 1500 kinds of Chinese periodicals, volume-binding periodicals are more than 18,000; 40 kinds of foreign language periodicals, volume-binding editions are more than two hundred; 40 kinds of newspapers, volume-binding editions are more than 2500; more than 3200 CDs.

Collection of books mainly relates to Literature, History and Philosophy etc, of which the new books storage links with the search system of university library, using Internet searching directly.

The amount of collections and area are among the best in the school level of Shandon University. In order to further support the research and teaching, our school invests more than 50,000 RMB every year for the construction of collections.

Labs in School

The school is well equipped with seven labs serving for the teaching and research, which includes Multimedia Lab, Network Lab, Advertising Lab, News Photography Lab, Non-Linear Editing Lab, Computer Room and Virtual Studio. They offer students more than 600 instruments and equipments which costs 6 million Yuan.

The labs are equipped with the following facilities:

85 computers

14 G4 Apple computers

1 G5 Apple computer

25 Non-Linear Editing systems

A set of SGI Visual Workstation mainly provides support for courses including Computer Culture Base, Multimedia Network Communication, Chinese Information Processing and Computer Graphic Design, etc.

Network Branch Lab is mainly responsible for students’ Network Information and Network Technology courses, etc.

Non-linear Editing Branch Lab provides support for TV News Shooting, Editing and Processing, etc.

Multimedia Lab offers students the learning place for courses including English Listening, Advertising, Advertisement Graphic Design, Movie-Television Literature, Appreciation of Chinese and Foreign Literature and News Photography, etc.

News Photography Branch Lab provides support for students of Journalism and Advertising major taking courses of News Photography, Photography Techniques and Advertising Photography, etc.

Advertising Branch Lab is devoted to students of Advertising major taking courses of Computer Graphic Aided Design and TV Advertising, etc.

Virtual Studio, mainly combined with Non-Linear Editing Lab and Advertising Lab, is devoted to meeting the students’ needs of the shooting stage of TV news programme processing as well as the relative courses of Broadcasting&Hosting Art major.


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